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The Great Game, A treaty on Chinese Astrology

Dear Hélios

Your book IS interesting.  Thanks.

Heid (Finland)

Dearest Hélios

You are fantastic.  This book ROCKS.  Thank you and May the Chi be with YOU!!!   Devra (USA)

Dear Hélios

Thank you, the associated program « Izi Wai » is great... Yes, your program is great and keep up the good work!
All the best, Roealnd (Nederlands)

Dear Professor!

Thank you, Hélios! Great stuff! Violet (Usa)



Hey man, I love your E.Book! I would like to order my Chinese Astrology and Interpretation from you please. How much is it?
With many thanks and bon continuation!
  Nicky (Usa)

Dear Hélios

I just downloaded your e-book on chinese astrology which is pretty great. 
I am interested in having my zi wei chart prepared and professionally analyzed.  Can you help?   Cynthia (writing from California)

Dear Hélios

Dear Hélios.... thanx for your gift. i want to learn chinese astrology & wanna know all the details about it.kindly reply the same to my following email id ...  thanx   vikram (India)

Mon cher Hélios

Youpi ! je commence à comprendre, ça marche! je vous remercie, Hélios que Jemme. Sylvie (France)